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Survival Is Fun


Years and years ago, I planted the first "LRRP Sunflower" in my Music Row office in Nashville.   From there, I formed the "LRRP Sunflower Patrol" and we began a unique group of 'survivalists'.   Over the years, we have been exchanging LRRP Sunflower Seeds from every corner of the earth.   And I just planted my 'volunteers' that came up this Winter in a pile of rich top soil at my Survival Farm here in the Elk Grove area of California.


I retired from the Music Industry after a 25 year run at the end of 2004, and got a farm here near my hometown of Sacramento.   I put in my first 'garden' in the Spring of 2005, and here we are today.   I've been growing organic survival seeds, Show Chickens and Bengal Cats.   And, of course, LRRP Sunflowers.   All with the concept of surviving whatever might be coming down the pike in our world today.


Let's face it, America is in a lot of trouble.   Politically and economically.   Many Americans are realizing that the 'Old Way" of living since the Great Recession of 2008 is no longer REAL. Before that eventful day on September 18, 2008, when the 1% Elite flushed our economy down the toilet, we have changed.  We are no longer based on buying what you need to survive from Walmart and Target, maxing out your credit cards to 'crack the nut' at the end of each month, and buying $250,000 homes when you are only grossing $50K a year.  In this fast paced society of Starbucks and McDonalds, many Americans have had to put on the brakes and slow down to another reality.   The way things were is not the way things are any longer. 


I have been networking with lots of alternative life styles in the past 27 years on the Internet, and I am now putting all this work into one package.   I am introducing a new concept to all of you reading these words right now.   After the elections in November of 2016, we are going to have to get back to work re-building America.   And many of us have had it with the 'con'   So, we've dropped out of the conventional way of living our lives.


In the days to come, right here on this web site, I will be introducing you to a new concept in 'surviving' what is certainly coming at us at 100 miles per hour! If you are concerned about how you are going to live in the next 5 years, then this web site is for you! If you are not, then this web site still could be for you. The point is, I'm rallying the Minutemen of 2015! I'm putting back my LRRP Sunflower Patrol so we can organize into a movement to survive the coming years, and do so in such a manner that we will have a lot of fun doing so. 


So, stay tuned!   Watch what is coming here!   You'll have a lot of fun doing so!


LT Bobby Ross

Be prepared to supply your own food