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Letter To A Stranger

Midnight Friend

Wings Against The Moonlight

Prayer For A Soldier

Say Hi To Dad For Me

I'll Go To The Wall

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I am a combat Veteran from the War in Vietnam. I served there in B Troop of the 2/17 Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division. That was back in 1968 and 1969 and I want to tell you, it was bad. Real bad. When I came home the Army flew me back in a Braniff commercial jetliner, and when we landed, in the dark of night, I got down on my hands and knees on the tarmac of Travis Air Force Base and kissed it. I looked up to the stars and made a promise to all those men I lost in battle that I would live my life for all of them. I have not broken that promise.
I've spent most of my life in the music business. I sang my first song for $ when I was 13 years old at my dad's restaurant in a little town of Meyers, Lake Tahoe, California. And, now, at the grand ole age of 65, my music is playing all over the world on the biggest radio station in the world, Pandora. The 5 songs listed here were recorded in Nashville and here at my farm near Elk Grove, California. I wrote these and produced them particularly for the men and women who are serving our nation in our military here and around the world. And, for those who served in World War II, and the Korean War, I honor them, too. And for those serving in Afghanistan and those home from the War in Iraq, The Desert Storm, and all other 'actions' fought since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Each song touches on the subject matter of 'war'.
When I produced my 'Voice of America' album in Nashville in 1987, it was originally intend to honor those who served in the Vietnam War. Our nation was at peace then, and in Hollywood, the movie 'PLATOON' was released, and the American public flocked to the movie theaters to see it. That's when the bandaid was removed from the wound, and the audiences around the country and the entire world became aware of just what the Vietnam War was all about. That movie won the Academy Award that year. And Nashville's music industry wanted to pitch in, so I was chosen to do the job. Some say my 'Voice of America' album had some of the best songs ever produced in Country Music. Country songs. All I know is that the writers and studio musicians and engineers I worked with on this special record went far and beyond the call of duty. And, 'New Country' was introduced to the Nashville Sound because I let all the musicians do 'their own thing' on all the songs. That is a story within itself.
I retired from a 25 year career in the music industry in Nashville at the end of 2004, and came home. When I got here I invented an mp3 studio concept that I'm still using to this day. And I produced the 5 songs here on this page to honor all who have fought and served our great nation. And, a special honor to those who were killed in Harm's Way. And, yes, I did keep my promise I made that dark night in 1969 to those under my command who gave their all so their LT could make music.
LT Bobby Ross