LT Bobby Ross

Welcome to "The Fisherman" web site.  Some of these songs I wrote before 1985 when I moved lock, stock and guitar to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.  My career took a definitive twist when in 1987 my "Voice of America" album, dedicated to the American Veteran and fighting men and women in our military, hit the charts.  My music is still playing all over the world and I'm extremely proud to be a featured artist on the largest radio station in the world,  But, the same twist of fate that brought me to the top of the music charts also wrangled its way into my retirement when downloading songs on the Internet became 'free'.  This new technology changed the face of Country Music, so after a wonderful 25 year career on Music Row, I decided to come home.  I moved back home to Sacramento County, California, at the end of 2004.  I'm now on my farm between Elk Grove and Wilton south somewhat of Sacramento.
I have been a professional networker on the Internet since 1988.  When I first got back here to where I was born and then put my farm together from ground up, I also began developing an mp3 music studio and concept for my recordings.  I was told that my LRRP Network was one of the ten largest in the world.  That was long ago.  There's hardly any way now one can tell a large network from a small one.  So, between my farm, my music and my networking, and a lot of work, I have mastered all of it.  The music on this site is top quality.  Some of the songs on "The Fisherman" were actually recorded on Music Row in Nashville, but most of them on this site were done with my good friend Mike Stidolph with our new mp3 studio.   It is also great Country Music.  Each song on this album tells the true story of another chapter in my life.  The songs on this album weave a fine tapestry of tales about my life here in Northern California.  I'm not going to say this is the best album I've ever recorded, but it is definitely the most autobiographical of my career.
Feel free to enter the other 'rooms' on this site.  By doing so, you will find other fine albums I've recorded in my career on cdbaby.  You can listen to segments of these fine songs recorded by the best talents in Nashville.  As you are reading this I have a few 'bits & pieces' of one of the 'fishing' songs I wrote long ago about fishing on the California Delta.  And the video clip to the right is a 'kick in the pants'.
So please enjoy the site and feel free to leave any and all of your thoughts on my Guest Book and BLOG.  And if you are new to my site, feel free to register for membership, for free, in my LRRP Network here
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