Mini Album #2


LT Bobby Ross' Mini Album #2: Voice of America

Goodbye to West Virginia

One Moment In Time

Daddy's Red Ribbons


Helpful information:

LT's Mini Album includes 3 songs in a format compatible with most of today's computers, MP3 Players or other digital music devices. The music is packaged into a single file that will be copied to your web browsers default download library where it can be selected and played. The file is large and may take several minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.
By clicking on "DOWNLOAD" above instructions will be displayed. Select "Save File" and click OK to receive your Mini Album. When the download is complete you can open the download library by using CTRL+J (hold the "ctrl" key down, usually the lower left key on the standard keyboard, and press the "J" key). A list of your downloads should be displayed. Clicking (double clicking) on the name "" will open the library with your songs. Clicking on a songs will play that song. Enjoy!
On Apple computers the "ctrl" key is the Command or sometimes the Apple Key. To copy the music to other devices follow the instructions provided for that device.