One Moment In Time - Produced by: Mike Hopkins

I met Mike Hopkins shortly after Ruby Strothers hired me at her Blue Ridge Mountain Publishing Company on 16th Avenue in Nashville. Her partner, Andy Anderson, hired Mike to be our recording engineer. That was way back in 1986. Mike and I became good friends. He was so extremely talented in the true particulars of music and engineering. Me, on the other hand, I was far less talented than he in my music capabilities, and totally inept when it comes to pushing buttons and pulling switches on a sound board in the recording room of a music studio.

It ended up initially where Mike and I kinda took over the place. Ruby and Andy were constantly busy doing the business of running a music publishing company on Music Row, so I was in charge of interviewing new songwriters and wanna-be singers, and Mike was in the back running the 'board' recording the demos we needed to actually make our publishing company a reality.
Those were good times. Country Music was changing. The change was both technical and art. We were moving from analog recording on tape to digital recording on 'bit'. And, the Old Guard of the Willie Nelson's and Dolly Parton's to the Garth Brooks and Reba McEntires. It was an exciting time. And my big break came when Oliver Stone in Hollywood released his "PLATOON" movie that finally took off the bandaid that our culture had placed on the Vietnam War. And the public, not only in America but all over the world, got to see for the first time what the War in Vietnam really was. So, I became real and was accepted as a Country Music Recording Artist.

As the years progressed, so did I and so did Mike. He became more and more an acknowledged music producer, and we remained close friends, and we are still to this day. Towards the end of my career and his in Music City, Mike presented me 4 songs he wanted to produce on me before he moved back to his hometown in Conn. So, our friendship came full circle in the sense that we started off together as a couple of 'gophers' at the publishing company, and ended up working together as music producer and Country Singer putting together 4 of the finest songs I ever recorded in Nashville.
I dedicate this song's video to Mike. He is a true talent and one of my finest friends.

LT Bobby Ross